It is with difficulty, and yet a true sense of positivity, that we are formally and officially announcing Thrill City’s permanent retirement next month.

It’s not difficult for us to say goodbye for the reasons you might think. We've made something powerful, meaningful and memorable in a town that has been our home for what feels like forever (for Rohan) and actually forever (for Ryan). To be able to walk away from a venture like this, confident in our sense that we were able to open up a new kind of creative space for Chapel Hill, means a great deal. When you do something you haven't seen done before, when it receives love and recognition from such a diverse cross-section of a town’s population, you can only leave with a feeling of fulfillment. We are fulfilled. The love that has been expressed by various friends, colleagues and neighbors as we have rolled out news of our retirement has far surpassed anything we’d expected, and we thank you — our fans, our community, our city — for allowing us to create and grow at every step of the way.

So it is difficult, not because we feel like we’re leaving without the recognition we deserve, but because in announcing our decision to move on we have come to realize how strong the community we've been a part of building has become. It is the kind of strength that can only be created when people come together from divergent backgrounds to build and interact, engage and reflect. It is a community of people who range from rappers to professors, families to college students, Americans to Internationals.

This is a time to celebrate. This is a time to thank YOU and to enjoy the culmination of what has been a four years we will remember for the rest of our lives. We are graduating, so to speak, and taking the lessons we have learned with us at Thrill City to everything we do next. This is also about what we are leaving, though. We hope that what we have created will spark the creative juices in someone else; that it will inspire them to build, take things a step further, and ultimately create something bigger than Thrill City ever was. Hopefully, this is just the beginning.

Thrill City